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SNØLYKKAN integration initiative at Bærum International Hub


Presentation about SNØLYKKAN integration initiative for Bærum International Hub at Helsehuset på Høvik, Fjordveien 1.

The reality for many people moving to a new country is that it can be a lot of STRESS involved when trying to settle. You may struggle with the language, it is difficult to get a job and to learn the culture of doing things. As if thats not enough, the weather is different, its cold, wet and snowy for most of the year…What to do? All these challenges put a load on your body, brain and wellness!

Welcome to a presentation about how SNØLYKKAN teaching works to support the brain, body and the process of integration in society. Here are som keywords.

  • Posture

  • Strong and Functional back

  • Movement for social engagement

*In this presentation you will be taught a very effective exercise for maintaining a healthy, strong and functional back.

The presentation is FREE for all and held at Bærum International Hub Fjordveien 1, Høvik

SNØLYKKAN was founded in 2014 at Grønland in central Oslo over a coffea between two friends and ski-teachers. Since then SNØLYKKAN have developed concepts parallel to other health work that support the idea which was about teaching the Norwegian culture and movement on snow - skiing. After the start, and meetings with people at Tøyen Startup Village and entrepreneurs in the buzzing startup village Tøyen. Many people tuned in on the idea and started working with or already was working with similar projects. All these big projects really highlight the need for integration. SNØLYYKAN is here to support all those projects throught knowledge about the human body, brain and effective training for wellness and wellbeing.