Gravity forms our design.


Gravity forms our design and makes us who we are. It is a negative force that we are exposed to when leaving our mother, screaming for air and we start our life on our two feet.

I see gravity not as only stuff falling from the sky. Gravity is the force that make us struggle, pain but also life. Its a part of the mass of what creates energy together with light (E=mc^2). Without light - do we really exist at all?

So when the sun hits earth surface. People reach for the sun, the light and that happens all over the world. Darkness was scary so we made fire, lamps, electricity, and today we lit up our cities 24 hours a day.

Before our modern inventions, the sun controlled the light, generously spreading light around the globe to certain times through the rotation axis, the angle to the sun and creating the living planet.

Some places had more light some were less exposed to the sun. Giving nature the beautiful variety with rainforest, permafrost, oceans, mountains, deserts and highlands. Everything well fitted in eco-system supplying life to the living, intelligent life.

The most advanced creation is the human being with ability to stand on two feet, moving around and touch the world with its to hands.

We have been looked upon as the most dangerous predator. Killing all life for our own benefit and profit.

Well, I dont believe it is supposed to be like that. It is too cruel and negative and not very intelligent.

I believe the human being developed to take care of this beautiful place because we are the only one able to do just that - with our hands. Everything else is just a big misunderstanding or lack of clarity from our side.

Our senses goes beyond sight, when we listen to all the other senses - touch, smell, taste, hearing, proprioception, temperature, pain, sexual stimulation, magnetoception and more. We get so much more information about our presence.

The human eye is the sense that differ us the most from our ancestors but alone sight can trick us to make us believe we are threatened when not.

This is our challenge today since we have become addicted to light giving tech devices (smartphone) and not using many of our basic functions of the human body and getting more and more dependent on technology. Here we need to find a balance where we can use what we have learned and at the same time respect and value or learn skills from over million over years of development.

Oh, ever wondered why sitting is a killer? Just look on the formula and ask yourself. Does it move? In fact, as the formula explains that energy is mass in movement (the speed of light).

I believe our biggest challenge is not merely the climate, but it is of course a part of it. Our challenge will be to find that balance, where we both can use advanced technology for its purpose, and without losing our bodies and spirit.

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Written by Pontus Lüttkens

- Hey Newton, You can sit there for a while and smile but not for too long. Gravity affects everyday, its responsible for many happenings on earth but not all..

- Hey Newton, You can sit there for a while and smile but not for too long. Gravity affects everyday, its responsible for many happenings on earth but not all..

“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”
Albert Einstein