Eplekraft: the idea


Objective: Create a gathering with movement outdoors to learn about the Norwegian language, doing something together, learn about each others culture, and to show kids what you can do with apples.

Timeframe: September through October every year.

Measure: People participating, New member signup, kilos of apples and the amount of juice and number of connected gardens.

Structure: Plan - Do - Study - Act


Last years work:

  • New member signup: N/A*

  • People participating: approximatly 25

  • Kilos of picked apple: 710

  • Litres of Juice: 284

  • Connected Gardens: 8

*Last year was the first year we tested this project. We did not sign anyone up to become a member of this non-profit juice operation supported by the NON-PROFIT organisation SNØLYKKAN #915843344