Gravity form our design and structure gives fuel to our inner fire


- Hey Newton, You can sit there for a while and smile but not for too long. Gravity affects everyday, its responsible for many happenings on earth but not all.

Gravity forms our design. It is a negative force that we are exposed to when leaving our mother, screaming for air and we start our life on our two feet. I see gravity not as only stuff falling from the sky. Gravity is the force that make us struggle, pain but also life. Its a part of the mass of what creates energy together with light (E=mc^2). Without light - do we really exist at all?

When the sun hits earth surface. People reach for the sun, the light, and we start to see the world with our eyes. Darkness left us with questions. Where are we, where am I, what is it that I feel?

Before our modern inventions, the sun controlled the light, generously spreading light around the globe to certain times through the rotation axis, the angle to the sun and creating the living planet. The system was self regulating and life supporting, from the forces of nature and the universe. When humans started to control fire our whole genome changed and we are today changing our own climate as confirmed by many scientists.

Fire changed us, even to our genome. We got small guts and big heads because we could cook food. We went to the top of the food chain because we could cook landscapes. And we have become a geologic force because our fire technology has so evolved that we have begun to cook the planet. - Stephen J Pyne

Before we discovered fire. Sun was delivering the goods lighting up the planet. Some places had more light some were less exposed to the sun. Giving nature the beautiful variety with rainforest, permafrost, oceans, mountains, deserts and highlands. Everything well-fitted in eco-system supplying life to the living, intelligent life as well as being the foundation for our consciousness and our brain.

The human being with the ability to stand on two feet, moving around and touch the world with its to hands has by all means the ability to manipulate the world in a such way as never been experienced before.

  1. We discovered fire, learn to use it and took control of lighting up the world. Read a related article

  2. We learned to control air humidity and cooling through inventing aircondition and made working places in warmer areas of the globe possible to fit in the manmade 9-5pm daily routine. Read a related article

  3. We have learned to fly, go deep under water, the highest peaks and out to space. We have basically made tools for everything. But what tools do we need to preserve our selves as human beings?

I believe we still have a lot to learn about how to take care of one another, have to not be afraid of the unknown, about our selfs and finding our place in history in time. Each and one of us. There is an emptiness to fill. We are just like a child playing with fire.

Learning about our selves with all the challenges that it means. I believe, that the human being is here to take care of this beautiful place. Because, we are the only one able to do just that. With our hands and our ability to connect with all animals from insects to birds. Everything else, negative, is just a big misunderstanding, clogged in fear or lack of clarity from our side. If we can create fire, we can also create life. As the article about states, With out fire, noe life. And with out life, no fire. Humans are a flame

Our senses, if recognised, stimulated and trained, goes beyond sight. When we listen to all the other senses - touch, smell, taste, hearing, proprioception, temperature, pain, sexual stimulation, magnetoception and more. We get so much more information about our presence that we lack in the realm of a phone if used without knowledge of what it does and how its used the best way to fit its purpose.

Our challenge today, and my own, is to learned what the light giving tech devices do (smartphone) and do not do. Here we need to find a balance where we can use what we have learned and at the same time respect and value or learn skills from over million over years of development.

I believe our biggest challenge is not merely the climate, but it is of course a part of it since we “live” in it and have to relate to it. Our challenge will be to find that balance, where we both can use advanced technology for its purpose, and without losing our bodies and spirit as human beings.

Function changes with structure and design, and living structures is formed in the struggle against gravity. I am pretty sure we can fuel our inner fire through bodywork and improving our structure.

Keep on training your structure people.

- Pontus / SNØLYKKAN


Me training in Hell, Norway

What if I am, in some way, only a sophisticated fire that has acquired an ability to regulate its rate of combustion and to hoard its fuel in order to see and walk?

— Loren Eiseley