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Massage Therapy

Pontus is taught MASSAGE at Naprapathögskolan in Stockholm Sweden and has over 10 years of in field experiences giving massage with wide range og techniques. Such as - deep tissue massasje, facia manipulation, akupressure, triggerpoint and classic Swedish massage.

From his experience as a professional freeskier and windsurfer he is used to be in the moment and being present and focused on his task ort the client. He is known for, warm hands, accurate touch and a calm focused presence.

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Proprioception Therapy

Proprioception TherapyProprioception is how you orientate your self in space. PROPRIOCEPTION THERAPY stimulate mechanoreceptors the fascia, help you move better och reduce pain. Very pleasant and effective according to many clients. With help from the oscillating tool (Vibracussor) and the touch of hand in combination with anatomical knowledge and movement practice. Proprioception Therapy will enhance your proprioception and create sustainable results in combination with the right training. A session also includes guidance in exercise from leading programs combining, brain, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, posture and Pontus own experience as a professional athlete.

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