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Tom Myers - Interstitium, KQ and Movement

When reading this article, published in 2018 about what they called the new organ I am soo surprised that they do not mention the real incubators of this work. The Anatomy Trains book, that map that explaines how the body connect with continuous chains of fascia. Within the facia there is small containers of liquid which creates it special character and the function as communicative organ and stability structure in the body

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Alan Watts - Why We Are So Lost

Why we are so lost? Alan Watts share interesting thoughts about religion, people and mediation and who we are. When we hold on to thing in life we are loosing energy. When we let go energy comes back. We cant try to do nothing because then when are doing something. What you are doing is who is you. So when you do something. Its about focus in the present. Its enjoyable!

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Human Behavioral Biology

(March 29, 2010) Stanford professor Robert Sapolsky gave the opening lecture of the course entitled Human Behavioral Biology and explains the basic premise of the course and how he aims to avoid categorical thinking. Stanford University Stanford Department of Biology Stanford University Channel on YouTube

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